Planting with the John Deere A and LL-A Grain Drill

This year I took the opportunity to have a little fun with planting oats in one of our smaller fields.  I used the 1947 John Deere Model A that I recently restored, as well as our old grain drill (aka planter, late 1950s).  It may not have been the quickest way to plant the oats, but I, and the dogs, had a lot of fun doing it!

The three videos here show us getting the drill ready and making sure everything on it works.  The second video shows the John Deere 4230 disking the field.  Last year we used the Model A as well as the John Deere 2010 to plow the field.  Since it was plowed last fall, you disk it before you plant it to break up the larger chunks into a more fine powder, so the drill can do accurately seed the crop.  The final video shows the actual planting process.

2 responses to “Planting with the John Deere A and LL-A Grain Drill”

  1. Just wondering if you have an owners manual for the john deere LL-A grain press drill. What I’m looking for is how to calibrate the drill. What I need to know is how many revolutions to turn the packer wheel on drill.

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