The Story of the A

John Deere Model AI had intentions on writing up a photo-book story of the restoration process of the John Deere Model A.  I’m having a hard time finishing it, so I thought in the meantime, I’d just throw it up here.  If there are any major spelling/grammar mistakes or things you’d like added, please use the comments field below.  I’ll add some photos later.  Click “Continue Reading” below for the full story.


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Planting with the John Deere A and LL-A Grain Drill

This year I took the opportunity to have a little fun with planting oats in one of our smaller fields.  I used the 1947 John Deere Model A that I recently restored, as well as our old grain drill (aka planter, late 1950s).  It may not have been the quickest way to plant the oats, but I, and the dogs, had a lot of fun doing it!

The three videos here show us getting the drill ready and making sure everything on it works.  The second video shows the John Deere 4230 disking the field.  Last year we used the Model A as well as the John Deere 2010 to plow the field.  Since it was plowed last fall, you disk it before you plant it to break up the larger chunks into a more fine powder, so the drill can do accurately seed the crop.  The final video shows the actual planting process.

Christmas Season

Christmas was good to me this year.  All of the family was up, and everyone seemed to have had a good time.

Growing up my cousin and I both had toy pedal tractors.  We had a lot of fun on them, and tried to take them everywhere.  My little nephew (slightly under two) is currently obsessed with tractors, so I thought it would be fun to get him a little pedal tractor as well.  Christmas morning, to his delight, he opened up a beautiful John Deere 720 pedal tractor.  Needless to say, he really enjoyed the gift and had fun sitting on it for most of the remainder of the time they were here.

JD 720 Pedal Tractor
My nephew on his 2012 Christmas gift.










The following day we went and fed the beef cattle.  After I parked the cab tractor we fed with, his eyes glazed over the lineup of “big” tractors.  He pointed at the Model A and called it his own.  Seeing how it resembles his toy tractor made him want to go ride it.  So, I fired it up and took her out for a little drive through the snow.  You can tell by the look on his face that he had a good time!


Plowing with the 1947 John Deere A and No 55 H plow

less than 18 months ago this tractor was a ‘fence line tractor’. I dragged it down to the barn and the engine, brakes, and clutch were seized up. The radiator cap was gone and the cooling system was completely full a junk. A mouse nest was in one of the cylinders… I looked it over and almost gave up. I never thought that in this short amount of time not only would I have it running (and well too!), but pulling a plow!

1939 John Deere A Winter Drive

Driving around the 1939 John Deere A after doing some work on it throughout the winter. We replaced the radiator core, muffler, and rebuilt carburator. This is the same tractor that I made the time lapse video reassembly of.  It’s amazing how much work you end up doing any time you decide to tear down into one of these things.  You go to fix one thing, and find that there are two more things that need to fix.



1939 John Deere A Winter Sunset

Playing on the snowmobiles up Deer Creek

Since we had Monday off for Presidents Day, I took the opportunity to go on a quick ride up Deer Creek.  The snow was pretty nice and it is close enough to home that it allowed the dogs to come and have a good time too. The video here shows me on my 2008 800 Polaris Dragon with a 163 track.  The snow has been a little late coming this year, but the past few storms have seemed to be an attempt to make up for it.