John Deere Model A

I love old tractors, and I especially love old John Deere tractors that we used on our farm.  I was looking at some old photos that my great-aunt Nola took, which contain a John Deere Model A.  I would love to find out about what year this tractor is.  I think it’d be fun to find one and restore one, especially where my grandfather spent so much time on it.  Ideally the exact tractor would be nice, but that’s not going to happen.  So I thought I’d post the photo, and if anyone can figure out what year it is I’d sure appreciate it!  My guess is between a 1939-1941.  Click on the image for a larger version.



After posting this question online and looking through other photos, I have concluded that the John Deere A in the photos is a 1939 John Deere Model A.  What’s interesting about this tractor is that it is the first year of the “styled” tractors.  It’s basically the exact same tractor as the un-styled the year before, except with the new body styling (no mechanical differences, etc).  Thanks for your help!

I had a lot of people thank me for showing these photos.  The real thanks goes to my Great-aunt Nola for taking the photos and sharing them with me!  I thought I’d post two more photos that were in the collection.  One is of a John Deere M and the other is of a Ford.









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