Swan Valley Waterfall

Fall Creek Falls in Swan Valley, Idaho.

These are some photos I took and a video that I compiled while shooting at Fall Creek Falls in Swan Valley, Idaho.  Swan Valley is next to Star Valley, which borders it on the North Side of our valley.  It’s a very pretty waterfall that few people know about.  It is very easy to get to, and is well worth your time to drive over and take a look.  I’ll provide a google map showing the location of the waterfall.



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  1. Nice Pictures! So does this falls still exits? We were up there two years ago on Memorial day weekend with some friends. We stopped at a local convenience store and the person we talked to there about the falls said that it didn’t exists anymore because a mudslide took it out. I would like to know how recently you were there. I’d like to go see it when I’m up that way again. Thanks again for posting your pictures.

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