Swan Valley Waterfall

Fall Creek Falls in Swan Valley, Idaho.

These are some photos I took and a video that I compiled while shooting at Fall Creek Falls in Swan Valley, Idaho.  Swan Valley is next to Star Valley, which borders it on the North Side of our valley.  It’s a very pretty waterfall that few people know about.  It is very easy to get to, and is well worth your time to drive over and take a look.  I’ll provide a google map showing the location of the waterfall.



Cold January Morning Photos

First off, welcome to 2012!  I have a goal this year to take and post more photos… So here’s to a good start!

This morning I took the opportunity to go take some photos.  It was a cold morning (-4 as I was taking them), so I figured it would be a good time to go out and take some photos.  The photos were all taken in Freedom, on the north bridge (between Etna and Freedom) and the South bridge, which is the main one coming into town.