Tag: Farming

  • John Deere 4020

    We have a fairly rare John Deere 4020 on our farm.  I suppose it’s rare because it gets the most hits out of all of my videos on Youtube!  Okay, after doing some research online and reading some books, it really is.  It has four wheel drive (FWA, or Front Wheel Assist to be exact),…

  • Random Summer Clips

    With it being so cold this year, I thought I’d compile a small video of clips from various summer activities. It shows a small summary of life in the rural Star Valley Wyoming.  

  • Summer Loading Alfalfa with 3020 B

    I was recently looking through the videos I had on my phone, and noticed this video that I shot earlier in the summer.  Since it’s so cold outside right now, I thought a little touch of a beautiful summer evening would be nice.  Loading hay with the John Deere 3020 and pulling it with the…

  • John Deere Model A Part Two

    After doing some research and finding out the the first tractor we had on our farm was a 1949 John Deere Model A, I decided to keep an eye online and see if I could find one.  At first I wanted to see if I could track down the original machine, but after realizing that…

  • John Deere Model A

    I love old tractors, and I especially love old John Deere tractors that we used on our farm.  I was looking at some old photos that my great-aunt Nola took, which contain a John Deere Model A.  I would love to find out about what year this tractor is.  I think it’d be fun to…

  • Farming in the fire

    Burning off the extra straw.  It rained so we weren’t able to bale it.

  • Finishing up the Spring Farming

    Farming seasons are always such a busy time of year for us. I understand that most of you have never been on a tractor nor had the opportunity to smell the freshly turned dirt. Because it is such a huge part of our life here, I enjoy sharing part of it with you.