Tractor On The Hill Photo Shoot

As with the previous post, we also thought it’d be fun to get the tractor out and go on the dry farm and take some photos. I took the John Deere Model A to the top of the alfalfa hill behind my grandparents, where we were able to get some pretty good photos.

March 2012 SV Sunset

This is a video I took of the sunset that we had on March 24, 2012.  The view is from Weber Lane looking towards Black Mountain and the North East mountains of Star Valley.

Black Mountain Sunset

Photo Journal Jan 2012

This year I’ve decided to once again do a photo journal.  However, unlike previous attempts, I am only going to take one photo a day, and upload the entire month as a single post, instead of a post every day.  These photos are just that–a journal.  They are not meant to be glamourous or overly beautiful.  They are meant to show aspects of my day.  Every day.


Photo Journal Renewed

What a beautiful day today was. With such beauty comes the desire to share my day with you. While I was in college, one of my photography classes had me do an assignment where we posted one photo to a blog every single day. Since I’ve been such a slacker lately at updating my site, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get back into the habit of updating it.

Since today was very eventful and I saw more then one thing I wanted to show, I thought I’d post a few different photos.