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  • First Snowmobile ride of 2021-2022 Winter Season

    This year we are VERY low in snowfall (for late December). However, we had enough to go on the trail up Black and some up Baldy (a neighboring mountain). I took the opportunity to take my cousin Sam out, and we were able to get some throttle time, despite not having a lot of snow.…

  • Playing on the snowmobiles up Deer Creek

    Since we had Monday off for Presidents Day, I took the opportunity to go on a quick ride up Deer Creek.  The snow was pretty nice and it is close enough to home that it allowed the dogs to come and have a good time too. The video here shows me on my 2008 800…

  • Snowmobile Dumpoff

    Today we had the 2012 Thayne Snow Days in Thayne, Wyoming.  It’s a Star Valley community event where people come and do such things as drag races and children sled races.  Here’s a clip of a video I took that shown someone getting dumped off the back of their sled (snowmobile).

  • Wintertime in Star Valley

    Star Valley winters can be tough. Fortunately, we have our nice sleds (snowmobiles) to help us get through them.  This is a video I compiled of clips shot up Willow Creek, one of the valley’s many popular canyons.  Featuring Eric & Rob Heiner on their Yamaha RX1s.