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  • 2012 Thayne Snow Days Photos

    Here are my photos from the 2012 Thayne Wyoming Snow Days.  If you’d like to check out the video that I compiled at the event, please do so by going here.  Snow Days is a fun filled day of various snowmobile family-oriented activities.  If you desire to contact me you can do so by sending…

  • 2012 Thayne Snow Days Video Summary

    Here’s a video that summarizes the events from the 2012 Thayne Snow Days, held on February 4th, 2012 at Thayne Wyoming.  If you’re looking for photos, keep checking this site as I will post them within the next few days.  

  • Difference In A Year

    It’s amazing how different one year can be.  Especially when it comes to the weather and snowfall.  Last year we had new fresh powder almost every single week.  This year we really haven’t gotten any new snow since the first of November.  I thought it might be neat showing a photo comparing the two.