Tractor On The Hill Photo Shoot

As with the previous post, we also thought it’d be fun to get the tractor out and go on the dry farm and take some photos. I took the John Deere Model A to the top of the alfalfa hill behind my grandparents, where we were able to get some pretty good photos.

Photo Shoot with the John Deere Models B, A, and G

The John Deere Models B, A, and G were three machines tractors in the series of consecutive models in the letter series. The B was the smallest, followed by the A, then the mighty G, which was the largest of the row crops. To make this a complete series of row crop lettered series tractors, I would simply be missing the Model M, which would be the smallest of the group of row-crop models. There was also the models D and R, which were “standards”, and not row-crop.

I’m alive. Pics to prove it.

I was really hoping to update this more often, but I tend to get busy and forget, then before I know a month is gone… But to prove that I have been alive I could either bore you with a lot of text, or I could post some photos of what I’ve seen over the past few months.  I know it doesn’t really tell anything that I’ve done, but it’s fun to share!

April Photography Weekend

I know the farming season will start very soon, and I have spent the entire week working for the school district.  So what better thing to do then get out and enjoy the beauty of Star Valley (Freedom).  So that’s what I did. This is a collection of some of the photos I took on the 25th and the 26th of April, 2009.  Another reason why I wanted so much to get out and take photos is because of my Fathers Utah siblings whom have come up with a plan to “support” my grandparents–but in reality it’s selling off most of the dry farm to pay for a luxurious retirement for themselves…  I have to enjoy it while I can, and pray for the best.