Photo Shoot with the John Deere Models B, A, and G

The John Deere Models B, A, and G were three machines tractors in the series of consecutive models in the letter series. The B was the smallest, followed by the A, then the mighty G, which was the largest of the row crops. To make this a complete series of row crop lettered series tractors, I would simply be missing the Model M, which would be the smallest of the group of row-crop models. There was also the models D and R, which were “standards”, and not row-crop.

John Deere No. 5 Sickle Mower

My grandpa gave me a John Deere No. 5 sickle mower that he used to use on his farm.  He spent a lot of hours with it mowing alfalfa with his dad while he was growing up.  Since I’ve got the machinery to pull it, I thought it’d be a lot of fun to take it and get it working with my John Deere A or B.  I have since gotten it working, and it works very well behind the A!  I’ll probably never cut down an entire field with it, but it’s fun to see how it works and see how they used to do it in the “good old days”.  For now, it’s job is going to be trim work around the barn area and trimming down the sides of the roads.

The Story of the A

John Deere Model AI had intentions on writing up a photo-book story of the restoration process of the John Deere Model A.  I’m having a hard time finishing it, so I thought in the meantime, I’d just throw it up here.  If there are any major spelling/grammar mistakes or things you’d like added, please use the comments field below.  I’ll add some photos later.  Click “Continue Reading” below for the full story.


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Christmas Season

Christmas was good to me this year.  All of the family was up, and everyone seemed to have had a good time.

Growing up my cousin and I both had toy pedal tractors.  We had a lot of fun on them, and tried to take them everywhere.  My little nephew (slightly under two) is currently obsessed with tractors, so I thought it would be fun to get him a little pedal tractor as well.  Christmas morning, to his delight, he opened up a beautiful John Deere 720 pedal tractor.  Needless to say, he really enjoyed the gift and had fun sitting on it for most of the remainder of the time they were here.

JD 720 Pedal Tractor
My nephew on his 2012 Christmas gift.










The following day we went and fed the beef cattle.  After I parked the cab tractor we fed with, his eyes glazed over the lineup of “big” tractors.  He pointed at the Model A and called it his own.  Seeing how it resembles his toy tractor made him want to go ride it.  So, I fired it up and took her out for a little drive through the snow.  You can tell by the look on his face that he had a good time!


Plowing with the 1947 John Deere A and No 55 H plow

less than 18 months ago this tractor was a ‘fence line tractor’. I dragged it down to the barn and the engine, brakes, and clutch were seized up. The radiator cap was gone and the cooling system was completely full a junk. A mouse nest was in one of the cylinders… I looked it over and almost gave up. I never thought that in this short amount of time not only would I have it running (and well too!), but pulling a plow!

April 2012 Photo Journal

Here’s my photo journal for April 2012.  Sorry I’m a bit late–with the days getting longer it’s harder to find time to do stuff like this (but easier to find time to take photos).  What’s neat about this month is you get to see the change in landscape as the snow leaves and the valley starts to green up.