Drilling with the John Deere 4640

Discing with a John Deere 4230 with a BW disc, and drilling (planting) with a John Deere 4640 and LL-A grain drill. The drill is the device that is used to put the seed into the ground.  The harrow and the roller are there to smoothen out the ground and push down rocks, as we live in a rocky area.

There’s also a hawk at the end that kept flying to the next wheel of the wheel line (irrigation pipe) with a mouse that it was trying to eat.

Feeding Cattle & Spring Update

Sometimes feeding cattle can be more than just driving out to the cows and dropping off hay.  For instance, watching hawks fly by and Sandhill Cranes walk around the field looking for some leftover food (grains) left over by the cattle.

This spring has been an interesting one.  Although the snow is gone in the video, as of today we still have a few inches… We received about six inches yesterday, which isn’t very unusual for this area.  Summer will arrive just in time for fall, and then back into winter.  We don’t know if we’ll receive a summer, but we’ve never missed a winter!