Tag: Bernt Jenkins

  • Winter Break

    I go back to school this week, but I have been able to have an enjoyable winter break.  This upcoming semester will be my last, and since I’ll probably spend a good deal of it home riding on weekends I’m sure it will go fast!  Here are just a few photos of my break.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you all!  Yesterday I went on a ride with my friend Bernt Jenkins, and let’s just say with all the fresh new powder we’ve gotten over the past few days being stuck was not uncommon…

  • October 18th Weekend

    My friend Bernt Jenkins came home to Star Valley over the weekend, bringing two very kind Russian friends of his with him.  I went home to see them and to do a few other things too (namely get out of Rexburg for the weekend).  We went on a dirt bike ride in the morning and…