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  • December 14th Update

    It’s now December 14th, 2021, and there is still no snow on the ground (as of when I went and fed). I had to do that insert as when I started to write this it finally started to come down. But anyway, this year has been pretty unusual for it being nearly mid-December. The other […]

  • Feeding Beef Cattle Dec 1

    Feeding Beef Cattle Dec 1

    Now that the cattle have eaten most of their fall pasture, it’s time to start feeding them again. Feeding the cattle at this time of year is nothing unusual, but having no snow on the ground and being able to wear a baseball cap is! In this video I’m using a John Deere 630 with […]

  • Calving Season Spring 2014

    It’s calving season again.  This time of year, the beef cattle have either given birth, or are close to doing so.  So far, we’ve had about 8 calves born out of a total of around 35.  They are cute little buggers when they are young.  Too bad they can’t stay that way…