How to Verify Files with an MD5 Hash

With so much fraud and problems with security on the internet, it’s sometimes hard to know if a file you download on the internet is what you think it is or not.  Fortunately, you have a way of taking a “fingerprint” of any file you wish to post, and likewise a way of verifying any file you download against that same “fingerprint”.  The instructions I give for this tutorial (and every tutorial I’ll do) will be for the Mac, but most everything I show will be able to be done in any *nix OS.  Sorry Windows users. Continue reading “How to Verify Files with an MD5 Hash”

Loading hay, posting from my iPhone

Two days ago I got a new iPhone, and with all its web capabilities I decided to try and use some of the advanced features. So, I am currently in the tractor loading hay while updating my webpage. I took some photos too, hope they turn out. Note: not too sure what happened, but it doesn’t look like it saved the photos. To bad too, they were kind of cool.


Well everyone, I’ve taken the twitter plunge. I have joined twitter. So if anyone wants to follow me, follow kylew01.  Update:  Check out the new twitter feed on the right.  Be sure to scroll down to read more.