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  • Feeding Beef Cattle with the John Deere Model A (December 2020)

    In this video I use the 1951 John Deere model A to feed cattle. I feed with a custom built feeder (it was once a home-made round bale plastic bagger). As much as I hate talking on video, I tried to explain some of what was going on and a bit of the hardware. The […]

  • 2020 Year In Review

    First off, sorry for not posting in such a long time. I guess time just slips by quickly… I’d like to state a few highlights from 2020 as well. As is the case for pretty much every person on the planet–2020 was definitely a year one will never forget. For myself, this was no exception. […]

  • Hauling Hay over the Past Decade

    This video is a compilation of videos taken over the past decade of us hauling hay in Star Valley, Wyoming. “Haying season” has typically been a very integral part of life in Star Valley–especially during its agricultural past. It’s interesting looking back seeing how things have changed, both in the equipment used, types of bales, […]

  • Planting Grain Hay Spring 2019

    I’m a little late with this one, but here’s some video footage of when we planted grain hay this spring. We planted using a John Deere 4640 and John Deere LL-A grain drill. The crop is a three-way grain hay crop (used for cattle feed) that we cut and baled.

  • Feeding with the 630, December 15 2019

    It’s winter time again. And with that, feeding the beef cattle. In this video I am feeding the cattle with a John Deere 630. Dad loaded the bale on the 3020 Diesel PowerShift, as well as brought a little more hay out (alfalfa) to supplement the bale where the weather was so cold (it was […]

  • Mowing Alfalfa with the Model A and Number 5 Sickle Mower

    Mowing hay (a mixture of alfalfa and grass) with a John Deere Model A and Number 5 sickle mower. We have a nice rotary swather, but thought it’d be fun to spend some time and shoot some video of the A and No. 5.

  • Feeding After Dark with the John Deere A

    I was a little later getting to the feeding tonight, but it gave me a good opportunity to use my newly installed LED lights. They are a lot brighter than the originals, yet still fit in the same housings (and look “original”). Also, the snow is getting deeper. It’s been pretty cold lately, so the […]

  • 1947 John Deere A Engine Rebuild

    I recently rebuilt the engine on the 1947 A. I changed out the head and block, plus put new high-compression pistons in it. This video shows a few photos, plus the first few drives with the newly rebuilt engine. The newer high-compression pistons sure make a big difference! Special thanks to Jerry’s Machine & Engine […]

  • Feeding Cattle with the Model A

    Last year, I used the 630 to feed with. However, I thought it would be fun to try the A as well. I think the A is one of my favorite two-cylinder models. In this video I’m feeding beef cattle (Herefords and Angus) with the A and a custom-made feeder. The feeder used to be […]

  • Farmall Super M

    Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase a 1953 International Harvester Farmall Super M. The tractor was in a non-running condition. It had a stuck (seized) engine, and was missing a few other components. Although I am mostly a Deere person (meaning, I prefer to purchase and use John Deere equipment), I have a respect […]

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