Accidental Field Fire

A spark from a welding torch started a recently cut grain (barley) field on fire. It was a little breezy and picked up very quickly. The field is next to our barn, which contains the hay stored for the beef cattle for the winter, and our tractors. Needless to say, it was an instant adrenaline rush. I grabbed a tractor and quickly hooked it up to the plow and made a ring around the fire to contain it. I can honestly say I’ve never hooked anything up that fast before. In the end, everything was okay, except for a few unlucky straw bales.

Fall Rain Storms and Migrating Geese

It’s that time of year ago–time for combining, changing of the leaves, and geese.  Last night, with my window open, I could hear the geese gathering all night long.  They are starting to migrate south; seeing a V in the sky is now a common occurrence.

Also, this fall we’ve had a lot of rain.  We’ve been trying to get some hay in, and every time it gets nearly ready to bale, it starts to rain on it again.  It’s a bit of a pain, but it makes for some pretty mornings.


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