April Photography Weekend

I know the farming season will start very soon, and I have spent the entire week working for the school district.  So what better thing to do then get out and enjoy the beauty of Star Valley (Freedom).  So that’s what I did. This is a collection of some of the photos I took on the 25th and the 26th of April, 2009.  Another reason why I wanted so much to get out and take photos is because of my Fathers Utah siblings whom have come up with a plan to “support” my grandparents–but in reality it’s selling off most of the dry farm to pay for a luxurious retirement for themselves…  I have to enjoy it while I can, and pray for the best.

Misc Spring Shots

April 20th was really the first warm nice day we had. I was trying to take good advantage of it, so after doing some yard work I took a few minutes to walk and and take some photos.  I was also able to spend some good time visiting with my Grandma Weber. The Sunrise was taken this morning.

Morning and Evening Pan

Yesterday morning I made a panoramic shot looking at our farm. In the evening I was visiting my grandparents (exactly across the field) and thought it’d be cool to do one looking in the other direction.  So I did.:)

Weber Farm Spring View Facing West

View From Weber Farm Facing East

End of an era…

My ancestors settled in Star Valley (Freedom to be exact) in the late 1800’s.  Samuel Weber was a swiss immigrant, who came to the United States after being converted to the LDS church.  Since so many people came to the valley from Switzerland, dairy farming was the source of the local economy.  Since Star Valley also highly resembles Switzerland it quickly earned the nickname “Little Swiss” or “Little Switzerland”.  The Weber’s have been farming and running a Diary in Freedom ever since.  That changed today, however, as the cows were sold and headed down the road in a semi truck headed for Utah.  With the current economy and lack of labor and management, it was no longer feasible to have the cows.  Though they may be gone, we’ll never forget the hard labor of those that have came before us to give us what we now have.

On a side note, I’ve also posted a few random shots that I took today.  I flew home from my mission on April the 14th (same as today), and that year we didn’t have any snow left.  Today there is still quite a bit of snow, but it’s been pretty warm (except for today) so it should melt off pretty quickly.

Graduation & Big Jud’s

Last Thursday and Friday was graduation.  It is hard to believe it actually happened!  It’s been a lot of fun and hard work.  I have a lot of mixed emotions, as I’m sure most graduates do.  I will miss friends and associations, but look forward to getting on with the rest of my life.  I wish the BYU-Idaho class of 2009 the best of luck!

After graduation my room mates and I (and Adam’s brother and our friend Victoria) went to Big Jud’s.  After that we all parted and went our separate ways.

Notes from the 179th Annual Sunday Afternoon session of #ldsconf

April 2009 General Conference

Afternoon session
Song: Oh My Father

**Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Matthew 16:24-25 – 24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

Notes from the 179th Annual Sunday Morning session of #ldsconf

April 2009 General Conference

Sunday Morning Session

**President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Today is palm Sunday.
This is a race of endurance, we need to apply and reapply the principles every day of our life.
Discipleship is not a spectator sport. We need to get off the sidelines, and practice what we preach.

Ubuntu 9.04

It’s that time of year again! Ubuntu 9.04 is on its way.  For a list of new features click on the Ubuntu icon.  Why do I mention Ubuntu before each release?  Although I’m an avid Mac user, I believe that Ubuntu is a valid alternative for those who cannot run a Mac on their existing hardware.  Windows is my least choice of all 😉

Another Semester Gone…

Next week is the end of Winter Semester 2009 here at BYU-Idaho. It also happens to be my last semester as a student here. That’s right–I’m graduating. I’ll be a graduated student with a degree in Computer Information Technology. It’s been a good semester, as well as a good experience. In the beginning all thoughts and emotions say that it can’t get over fast enough. But now that it’s finally here it’s a bag of mixed emotions. I’ve made a lot of good friendships over the years and have had a lot of fun, but as with all things it eventually comes to an end.

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