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In case you’ve never heard of twitter, it’s a social networking service that makes it very easy to see what your friends are doing, as well as tell your friends what you are doing.  If you want to follow me, I’ve made it very easy by adding a link on the lower right side of my site (which also shows my updates), and you can also follow me by clicking here.

I love February

February is the best month of the year. Why? Because it has the best snow of the year, and you’ve had all of January to get excited about it (not quite as cold and the days are a little longer)! I had a great weekend–from the nostalgia moments I had with my friend as we went through my old classic Macintosh collection to enjoying the snow on presidents day.

How to Verify Files with an MD5 Hash

With so much fraud and problems with security on the internet, it’s sometimes hard to know if a file you download on the internet is what you think it is or not.  Fortunately, you have a way of taking a “fingerprint” of any file you wish to post, and likewise a way of verifying any file you download against that same “fingerprint”.  The instructions I give for this tutorial (and every tutorial I’ll do) will be for the Mac, but most everything I show will be able to be done in any *nix OS.  Sorry Windows users.

Thayne Snow Days 2009


Snow Days at Thayne, Wyoming
Snow Days at Thayne, Wyoming











February 7th was the annual Thayne Snow days event held in Thayne, Wyoming.  If you are looking for the photos of the event, you can find them here Keep in mind that there are several pages of photos.  The navigation arrows are near the top.  I made it so you can download any photos that you like, but please keep in mind that copyrights do apply if you wish to use them on a website or such.  This applies to Thayne Snow Days 2009 photos only.  Please do not use without permission.  But feel free to print them off or use them for your own use.  If you like the photo(s) please feel free to donate.

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