Month: January 2009

  • Ducks

    Ducks at the Nature Park in Rexburg, Idaho.

  • Obama on ‘Change’

    I hear so many people mention Obama and change.  Is the change that we want really more government and less freedom? Think about it…

  • Quick Moon Tip

    Have you ever looked up at the moon and wondered (without a calendar to help) when the next full moon will be?  Have you ever wondered when the best time to take a photo of the moon is?  If you have, then hopefully this short little write-up will help you.

  • January 10th Weekend

    Just a few images from last weekend.    

  • Winter Semester 2009 Begins

    Today was the first day of classes for Winter Semester 2009. It also happens to be my last. 🙂 I left home last night in the middle of a blizzard, uncertain if I would be able to make it or not due to road conditions. I successfully arrived, thought about an hour longer of a […]

  • Winter Break

    I go back to school this week, but I have been able to have an enjoyable winter break.  This upcoming semester will be my last, and since I’ll probably spend a good deal of it home riding on weekends I’m sure it will go fast!  Here are just a few photos of my break.

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