Month: November 2008

  • Photo Journal Nov 29

    Watched a calf be pulled today.  That’s always interesting…

  • Photo Journal Nov 28

    Today two of my sisters (Kami and Kimberly) and myself went up Weber Canyon to get the Christmas tree.  Yeah, it was a little big, but it worked out well.

  • Photo Journal Nov 27

    Happy Thanksgiving!  Today we went to my relatives in Etna for Thanksgiving.  Afterwords we had some family photos taken.

  • Photo Journal Nov 26

    I was working at one of the elementary schools today, and it just so happened that they were also performing their fall play.  I have relatives that were performing, so I was glad that I had my camera with me.

  • Photo Journal Nov 25

    I spent all day today working in Afton (for both the school district and the newspaper).  This is a photo of the famous Elk-horn Arch on main street.

  • Photo Journal Nov 24

    I was over at my cousin’s house today, and the evening side lighting coming in from the blinds was very warm and beautiful…

  • Photo Journal Nov 22

    This night shot was a four minute exposure of the barn gate.  I always thought the lights in the barn looked pretty cool, so I tried to replicate what I see with my camera.

  • Photo Journal Nov 21

    Today I drove home for Thanksgiving Break.  We get the entire week off.  It’s a good thing too because I can sure use some time off from school!

  • Photo Journal Nov 20

    I was at Smith Park this evening finishing up another photo assignment.  The weather was beautiful. It can be anything this time of year… This photo isn’t really part of the assignment, but I couldn’t resist.  My room mate hollered out loud that his Windows Vista machine had blue screened, so I couldn’t resist the […]

  • Photo Journal Nov 19

    I just spent the last little while cleaning the bathroom for clean checks.  I know it’s lame, but I forgot to take a photo of something better today… So here it is!

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