Month: April 2008

  • Ron Paul Today on CNN American Morning

    I encourage everyone to watch this video on Ron Paul and to really think about and research the things he has to say.  If you want more information, click on the banner in the upper-right corner or go to the site of my friend Michael Bonham at

  • April Full Moon

    Yesterday morning’s near full moon was a pretty one. Still quite cold early in the morning, but getting up was well worth it.  This photo is of it setting in the west hills of Freedom, Wy.

  • Low Light / Moon Light Photography

    I have decided the best way to update this page is to write about the questions you have.  So please, after you read it if there is something else you would like me to add use the form at the bottom.  Thanks! Looking though my search logs, it would seem that I receive a good […]

  • Twitter

    Well everyone, I’ve taken the twitter plunge. I have joined twitter. So if anyone wants to follow me, follow kylew01.  Update:  Check out the new twitter feed on the right.  Be sure to scroll down to read more.

  • Downtime

    Sorry about the downtime everyone.  Yesterday was the last day of school, and today I moved back home.  My webpage is running on my Ubuntu server running in VMWare Fusion on my MacPro.  Soon as I get enough money I’ll move it to it’s own little Mac Mini that won’t travel with me. 

  • Mac OS X’s Magical Undecillion

    I was curios how well OS X can say number magnitudes, and while doing so found out something very interesting. If you go to the terminal and type “say 1000000000000000000000000000000000000” (which is one undecillion), you get a buss error. If you go to textedit, enter that number, and tell it to speak it (under the […]

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