Month: March 2008

  • Yeah, I’m a nerd…

    I got a little bored this evening so I decided to check out my Google history trends.  All I can say is, I’m a nerd… Top sites 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

  • Ubuntu 8.04

    Looks like it is that time of year again!  Another great update from our friends at Ubuntu.  Version 8.04 is going to be out very soon, and since Ubuntu has been doing such a great job of running my website (and for free i might add!) I thought I’d take the opportunity to give it […]

  • Fun With Google

    Google often provides us with a little touch of entertainment in our lives. Although this works with web browsers, the simplified response on cell phones makes it a little more enjoyable. 1. On your cell phone, create a new text message. The number for the message is 466-453. For the body of the message do […]

  • Lessons Learned…

    While setting up my linux server running Ubuntu in VMWare Fusion to perform automated backups, I found no matter what I could not get it to log onto my macs side with key-based SSH authentication.  So after an archive and install and a few hours on the phone / over iChat with Jesse, we found the problem […]

  • Riding with a friend… Snowmobile Major Breakdown…

    Over the weekend, my friend Michael Bonham and I went home to ride snowmobiles for the weekend. On Saturday, March 1st, we were on a ride headed for Stump Peak. The day started out very beautiful, and though it was Michaels first time on a real ride he was doing very well at handling the […]

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